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About Schelling

What does it take to be one of the leading companies in a major technical field? It takes a lot: Ambition, the best people, the highest demand towards product quality, as well as – experience, experience, and experience.

SCHELLING possesses all of this. With a century of know-how, we are likely one of the most experienced teams in this industry worldwide. Starting from the very beginning, the focus has always been on manufacturing saws. The ideas, portfolio, and size of the company grew continuously. Since the 1960s, cut-to-size saws for materials board (incl. peripheral solutions) have been our discipline.

Research and development are an extremely important aspect for pioneering the market. So is the company's own dual system training program, which features practical trade apprenticeships and technical college experience. With 500 employees, more than a quarter of whom are engineers, we are at healthy size with ample reserves while, at the same time, extremely flexible. With 10 locations and its headquarters located in Vorarlberg (Austria), plus branch offices around the globe, we're only ever a 'stone's throw' away from our customers.